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Credit Repair Service Plans

(Monthly & Flat Fee Rates)

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of credit that comes our way. With Restore to Soar, clients know exactly what to expect—professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results. As you may know already, it’s the perfect time to start your credit repair journey during this pandemic. If it's inaccurate, untimely and unverifiable per the FCRA it's got to go....  in some cases even if it's accurate and verifiable you may get it removed due to the response being untimely. Our goal is to help you achieve a flawless credit report and the best possible credit score. To accomplish this, we use proven legal techniques to leverage credit laws to achieve maximum results.  


Option 1

$150 Intitial Enrollment Fee 

Only $99 per month 

Credit Repair & Document Preparation

  1. Enroll for credit repair with us today RISK FREE

  2. Your Initial One-Time Documentation Fee and Client On-Boarding Setup is $150. During this time we will set up your account and prepare your first round of dispute letters and go over your tailored plan we set up for you.

  3. After signing up payments will be $99 Monthly and we will dispute every single negative item on your credit report from all 3 credit bureaus.

Credit Review is required prior to sign up.

Option 2

 Flat Rate Plans

Full Service for one flat fee upfront. No monthly payment rates:


  • $450 for 4 months of service (Savings of $96)

  • $600 for 6 months of service (Savings of $144)